Topical Issue:
Computer Modeling in Philosophy

Edited by Patrick Grim

Volume 2 - Issue 1 (January 2019)

Editorial introduction to the Topical Issue
"Computer Modeling in Philosophy"

Patrick Grim
Pages: 653-656
The Curious Case of Connectionism
Istvan S.N. Berkeley
Pages: 190-205
The Evaluation of Discovery: Models, Simulation and Search Through "Big Data"
Clark Glymour, Joseph D. Ramsey & Kun Zhang
Pages: 39-48
Signals and Spite in Fluctuating Populations
Rory Smead & Patrick Forber
Pages: 137-146
Towards Computer Simulations
of Virtue Ethics

Jeremiah A. Lasquety-Reyes
Towards More Realistic Modeling of Linguistic Color Categorization
José Pedro Correia & Radek Ocelák
Pages: 160-189
Using AI Methods to Evaluate a Minimal Model for Perception
Robert Prentner & Chris Fields
Pages: 503-524
Modeling Working Memory to Identify Computational Correlates of Consciousness
James A. Reggia, Garrett E. Katz & Gregory P. Davis
Pages: 252-269
Computer Science and Metaphysics: A Cross-Fertilization
Daniel Kirchner, Christoph Benzmüller & Edward N. Zalta
Pages: 230-251
A Computationally Assisted Reconstruction of an Ontological Argument in Spinoza's The Ethics
Jack K. Horner
Pages: 211-229
Computer Modeling in
Philosophy of Religion

F. LeRon Shults
Pages: 108-125
What Simulations Teach Us
About Ordinary Objects

Arthur C. Schwaninger
Pages: 614-628